About Me

I am a fun loving, energetic, and open-minded woman. I pride myself in being nonjudgmental, and I absolutely love to laugh and have a great time. I am a mommy to two wonderful young men and a wife to an adoring husband. I have been behind the camera since 2005 photographing everything from live births, to weddings, to senior portraits. However, in the summer 2019 I made a decision to change the path of my photography business to concentrate in art of boudoir photography.

It is absolutely beautiful to watch a woman transform in front of my eyes from an unsure and nervous person, into a confident, fierce and empowered woman. It was during my very own boudoir session that this happened to me and what ultimately changed the path of my business. I went in to my boudoir session a nervous wreck. All I could think about was the stretch marks I have from birthing two babies, the extra skin I have from dramatic weight gain and then weight loss after a traumatic experience. LIFE. All I could think about was the negative about what life has done to my body. I was blessed that the photographer was a good friend of mine, Jen. During the session, she showed me a portrait she took of me through the back of her camera. I could not believe it was the same person that I shrug my shoulders at in the mirror every day. All of a sudden I transformed my thinking with the help of Jen. Before I knew it, I was proud of my scars, proud of my body, proud of my past. All of those things made me the strong, independent woman I am today.

I hope to be that to you. I know my purpose on this earth is to empower women like yourself and show them how the rest of this world sees them! A BAD ASS DIVA!

Michelle Casteel, in her very own first boudoir session.



“I love my portraits! Thank you for this entire day. I think every woman, at least once in their life, should have a boudoir session with Michelle. It is so important to remind ourselves we are beautiful no matter what.”