Yesenia Vega: Owner of and Chef at Scenic's Bar + Kitchen in El Paso, Texas

4th Generation Female Business Owner

About 2 years ago my husband and I were doing a local Yelp search for a new place to try for dinner. A place that is not a chain, somewhere that serves fresh food but still had a fun atmosphere and just then we came across Scenic's Bar + Kitchen. I remember walking in and being greeted by a server with the biggest smile, Gracie. Then tasting some of the best food we had locally, and knowing for a fact that this was a hidden gem in El Paso.

Two years later, Gracie still greets you with a huge smile when you walk in. The food at Scenic's has only gotten better with every visit. Every bite you take, you know its filled with fresh ingredients and made with love. The service is undeniably the best in the city. The servers and bartenders are top notch. It is obvious that there is no turn over with employees, and lets face it, in the service industry that is simply unheard of. This is all because of one woman and her commitment to her business and her team, Yesenia Vega.

I knew the moment I started to showcase strong women in our city of El Paso, that the owner of Scenic's would be the first woman I would ask. Yesenia is not only a strong woman, but she is also a young successful business owner who has survived being shutdown multiple times due to the world wide pandemic. She is a phenomenal friend to those she holds close, a dedicated family member, a supportive partner to her boyfriend, and overall an amazing woman who I am proud to showcase!

Yesenia and I sat down for a wonderful afternoon of photos and an interview. Here are some wonderful things about Yesenia that I learned.

Who do you consider your most influential female mentor?

My grandma and mother! They have always shown me what beautiful, hard working women can do and they have always been my inspiration. I am a 4th generation female business owner and the 3 generations before me have been my inspirations. As a family we have been running a successful businesses since 1973.

What motivated you to continue to push past your business closure during the world wide pandemic?

My will to never be a quitter. I am a fourth generation female business owner and not only that but my father has always taught me to never give up when things get tough. When we were allowed to reopen in stages, my family, my boyfriend, and my staff helped me with free labor which was amazing! I couldn’t have done it without the support of them! My drive and will to never walk away pushed me to continue. Also, I survived as a business because of my regulars, family support on labor, and just grinding every day to get people to order from us with promoting on social media.

How was Scenic's Kitchen + Bar created?

I have always been a hustler. At my dads softball games I was selling popsicles at 5 yrs old, and at 10 I remember selling hotdogs at my moms business to plumbers. I have always worked hard and loved to serve people.

In Lubbock, I was running and flipped a breakfast cafe while attending college full time.

When I moved back to El Paso, I noticed that I had the passion, drive, and work ethic to try to run my own business and I always wanted to work for myself. I believed in my work and my passion so I decided to put both of them together to create Scenic's Kitchen + Bar.

Please swing by Scenic's for a tasty lunch on a Saturday afternoon, or a ton of laughs for Open Mic Night on Friday's. It has become my favorite local spot, and I am sure it will for you also. They are located at 4130 North Mesa Street, El Paso, TX 79902.