A surprise of a lifetime for an unsuspecting friend.

About a year ago, Martin reach out to me with an idea to create a dudeoir calendar for his best friend Glenn. Glenn was about to turn 60 and Martin wanted to gift him something that was unique and memorable. I was onboard from the second he mentioned dudeoir, not knowing what this session would truly involve. A bit of a back story, Martin just so happens to be my baby brother who also happens to be the comedian of the family, with the biggest heart. Little did I realize that this silly session would turn into such amazing outbursts of laughter, and ultimately the best reviews from the gift receiver that I have ever received as a professional photographer.

Allie, my hair and makeup artist at our studio in El Paso, agreed to take the trip with me to Scottsdale. I knew I needed an assistant to help guide the men during this session, but I was reluctant to ask because I was truly not sure what to expect. Little did we know that these men would absolutely push past their comfort levels and embrace their sexy side during their dudeoir session. We empower women daily, I am proud to say that I believe we empowered some men that evening.

Allie and I swiftly got to work, set up some fun scenes and ultimately created a calendar that we hope will bring memories of laughter for years. It was pouring rain and freezing, something so rare for the area, so we needed to opt for plan B, the garage. The garage we shot in was the birthday boys property. Glenn was out enjoying a shopping day with his daughter, as we took over his garage and guided his best friends to strip and pose for photos. The best part was knowing that when he received the carefully crafted calendar at his birthday party a week later, that the howling laughter could be heard for miles. It made all the planning and changes, and even uncertainty from the men, worth it!

This was by far the most fun session we have ever participated in since we opened, and we hope we have many more like this ahead of us! We hope you enjoy these portraits as much as we do!